The Shelter series is ongoing – hard to predict how many books it will be in total, but I’m thinking at least two more. It’s set in Seattle and focuses on the lives and loves of a group of street kids struggling to become adults without losing their individuality and principles. And there are puppies!


The Fall and Riding Tall


Fall[The]RGB_postcard_front_DSP RidingTallLGJoe Sutton is a laconic cowboy, busy with his ranch and keeping his family together. Scott Mackenzie is a big-city model trying to recover from being dumped by his sugar-daddy. Neither one of them is looking for love, until they find each other.



Against the Odds

Pawn[The]LG Knight[The]LGIn a not too distant future, Remy Stone and Adam Challoner live in two different worlds. Remy is powerless, a prostitute in a country where anything is legal, as long as there is enough money involved. Adam is rich and protected, his basic decency his only resistance against temptation.

They meet when Remy is sent to Adam as a gift, and Adam tries to decline. They meet again when Remy helps an old friend who’s become involved in a movement aiming to overthrow the government. Adam is leading the movement, a reluctant hero in a world he no longer understands.

Through the course of two books, Remy and Adam fight to find their way through a swamp of corruption and greed. They survive attempts on their lives, the establishment of a new system of government, and the threat of national starvation. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, but staying together isn’t easy. Adam’s decency is his greatest strength, so how can he ignore it in order to give in to his lust for a man who can’t truly understand issues of consent? Remy’s strength is his stubborn independence; if he wants to be with Adam, he’ll have to give up some of what’s kept him alive through every hardship so far.



Dark Horse – the whole shebang!

DkHorseLG OutofDarknessLG OfDarkandBrightLG

And now, the madness begins. When I first started writing, I had no idea how long a book was supposed to be. I overshot, by quite a bit. So, listed below, the Dark Horse stories in chronological order, not necessarily the order I’d recommend they be read.

NOTE: Amazon isn’t really set up for free stories, so I have to post them there for ninety-nine cents. Sorry. 

Dark Horse – where it all began! Meet Dan and Jeff and Evan, and see Dan try to figure out his place in the world. Available for sale at Dreamspinner PressAmazon, and several other sites.

Sometimes You Just Know – the early story of Dan and Justin. I REALLY recommend you not read this until you’ve read Dark Horse – some things are easier with a little warning. Available at Amazon.

Rough Broke (formerly Young Dan – Texas) – We all know Dan has some issues. This story takes a stab at explaining at least a few of them… Available at Amazon.

Riding Through Fire (formerly Jeff and Evan – the Beginning) – when we first meet Jeff and Evan, they seem to have a strong relationship, but it’s not exactly conventional. Ever want some details on how all that started? Here ya go! Available at Amazon.

Out of the Darkness – Dark Horse ended with Dan, Jeff and Evan together, but they really didn’t seem solid yet. This book is the story of their struggle to stay together, against all obstacles. Available for sale at Dreamspinner Press.

On Deck (formerly The Date) – when Dan and Evan were struggling with their issues, Dan came up with the suggestion that they go on a date. This is that date. This story is set just before the epilogue of Out of the Darkness. Available at Amazon.

Head Shy (formerly Images) – Dan’s early life left him with some complicated emotions – it’s lucky he’s got two understanding lovers and a totally annoying best friend to help him work through it all. This story is set between The Date and the epilogue of Out of the Darkness. Available at Amazon.

Into the Light (not previously published) – Chris has been there to support Dan through a lot of rough times. When Chris starts questioning his own sexuality, Dan is happy to return the favor – if ‘return the favor’ is understood as, you know – pointing and laughing. Available at Amazon.

The Filly (formerly Valentine’s Day Fluff) – A girl’s first-ever date is nerve wracking with only one dad – what’s it like with three? Pure fluff, just if you want to check in and make sure the boys are still okay. Set after the end of Out of the Darkness. Available at Amazon.

Of Dark and Bright – the third ‘real’ book in the series – everything seems to be going well for the boys, but of course it’s never quite that easy. Available for sale at Dreamspinner Press.

One Bright Star – It’s Christmas time. Time for family, celebration, and anxiety. The new baby is a blessing in Jeff, Evan and Dan’s lives, but he’s also one more thing to worry about. Jeff isn’t sure society will accept their nontraditional family, Evan isn’t sure what he has to offer the baby, and Dan… well, Dan’s Dan. He’s got PLENTY to worry about. Available at Amazon… Enjoy!

Misc. Bit of Dark Horsiness – Just checking in to be sure the boys are okay. Don’t worry -they’re fine! Teeny-tiny, at my blog.

Twelve Days of (Dark Horse) Christmas – Another year, another visit with the boys. This time, Evan’s screwed up, and Dan’s having trouble forgiving him. It takes the whole twelve days to make things right again. It’s just short, and posted on my blog.

The Subterranean Winter Kingdom – For Christmas 2014, the Dark Horse boys travel to Chicago and just happen to run into a couple enterprising Purdue students (from In Too Deep). Another short one, posted on my blog.