Gearing up for a new release!

I don’t know why I keep playing with self-publishing – I really don’t like any part of the process other than writing the books!

But for this series, I wanted to have more flexibility to write short stories, novellas, little bits here and there, and I thought it might work best with fewer publisher-related confines. So… I’m self-publishing.

And I’m hoping to release the first book in the series in the next few weeks, and I’ve set up NO promo. Absolutely none. Not even doing a half-assed job. There is no part of my ass involved in promotion at this time.

Feral-for-Kobo-1800-x-2700[1]But I will now officially fix that by… posting a picture of the book’s cover on my blog, which I rarely write in and which has very few followers. There. A tiny, tiny fraction of my ass is now engaged.

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