Technology – I’m done, for now

So I found a gallery plugin for the book covers, spent however long setting it up, went to change the order of the covers into something that made sense, and then found out I couldn’t do that without buying the premium version of the plugin.

I’m getting old and crusty, I guess. If there had been a price clearly announced at the start of the process, I probably would have paid it. But I feel like they’re trying to TRICK me into paying, making it look like I can do all sorts of things so I put the time into setting it all up, and only THEN telling me I have to pay. So – nope. Not gonna do it.

If it’s a bit weird that the first image showing on my webpage is the cover of a three-year-old novella? Well, it’s a bit weird. That’s all. Eventually I’ll hunt around and find a different plug-in, but for now – Room to Grow. You win, little book. You’re the star. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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